A rough week for Indonesia

Oct 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

I don’t want to start a trend of being the “natural disaster guy,” since I do try to stay on the bright side of things, but here’s another big piece of environmental news which could maybe use a bit more attention: Two days ago, a massive tsunami (only ten feet tall, but caused by an earthquake of magnitude 7.7, which is pretty forceful!)  struck Indonesia, putting at least 16,000 people out of their homes. (Some sources quote a figure that is more than double that.) And as if that’s not bad enough, just yesterday, the Mount Merapi volcano erupted on Java, which is one of the larger islands in Indonesia and the home to the famous Javan Rhinocerous, which is extremely endangered but super cool. (If you’ve never seen a photo of them, you can go to their “personal page” on ARKive, which I find to be an excellent way of finding images of rare/weird/cool animals; for all my fellow flower hunters out there, have no fear, there are also plant photos!)  Back to the “people side of things,” though, there’s been a lot of trouble getting aid to all those people who could be affected by the volcanic eruption, as well as those who have already been affected by the earthquake and tsunami. As we all start the holiday season in the U.S., let’s try to keep Indonesia in our thoughts.

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