A Walk in the Park

Jul 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

A few weeks ago, our community had a Centennial Family Fun Day at the Abington Area Community Park. There were a lot of activities and programs to see and do. There were also all of these people who sold stuff or made crafts. I was one of those people.

The thing different with me was that I didn’t sell anything or make anything. What I did was tell people about how litter can affect marine life. I know some people litter and not even think about it. That person’s litter can end up in the ocean.

So I was trying to tell people with a project I did on litter and marine life. I built a homemade whale head out of paper mache and did some research about litter. I showed people with my whale head how litter gets trapped in the baleen, the whale’s ‘teeth’ that look like a broom. I let kids feed like a whale using a brush and some crushed basil leaves floating in the water. They scooped up the leaves that got caught in the brush bristles when they skimmed it through the water. That is how baleen works, like a strainer.

A lot of people came over and looked at my information and I explained how garbage can hurt animals in the ocean. I think they really understood that they shouldn’t litter.

I learned that some people DO care about whales and fish and dolphins and a lot of them promised they wouldn’t litter. That made me feel really happy inside that people didn’t want to hurt the ocean.

Another thing I learned was that people didn’t just want to say they won’t litter, they wanted to PROVE they won’t litter by picking up other people’s litter.

During Family Fun Day, there was a band playing music. I asked them to announce a litter clean up over the microphone and when they did, a lot of kids showed up to help pick up trash around the park. I felt so proud of the kids when I saw them, willing to go around and pick up garbage just to help the ocean and the environment.

A lot of the kids were really excited to go around and look for different kinds of trash. One of the little kids was running around looking for garbage and yelling “Hey, over here! Look what I found!” Another kid was saying, “Let’s go over there, on that hill, there’s a lot of litter over there.”

It was really cool that the kids wanted to do that dirty job to help the ocean. We found a lot of garbage together. Here’s what we found:

  • Fishing line
  • Chip bags
  • Water jugs
  • Plastic bags
  • Straws (a LOT of them!)
  • String
  • Plastic bottles
  • Food containers
  • Lids
  • Paper bags
  • Rubber pieces
  • Magic marker caps
  • Tin cans

I also learned something else that day: even though we’re kids, we can still do amazing, awesome things if we work together.

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2 Comments to “A Walk in the Park”

  1. The Abington Area Community Park is so grateful to Willy Jones for leading this worthwile project. He inspired others to learn and care more about marine life adn put his words to action when he inspired other children to clean up the park and the lakeside area. One person CAN make a difference!

  2. Wonderful story, my half human, half whale friend! Thank you so much and thank you for sharing. I consider myself quite lucky to have you as a friend.

    Keep up the good work, Master W.W. (Willie the Whaleperson)


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