Acadia National Park

Feb 4th, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Acadia National Park, located in the State of Maine is perhaps the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, the park transcends boundaries between water and land. During the fall, vibrantly-colored trees line the looping roads of the gorgeous park. Waves crash onto Sand beach, Acadia’s only beach, and make foaming white froth. At Thunderhole, one can climb onto cliffs and watch the waves “explode” onto the rocks while flocks of seagulls fly by. The most beautiful point in the park is secluded Schoodic point which lies on the edge of America- all that can be seen is water. There, gigantic waves crash onto granite cliffs and resound in the air. I watched the pure white foam as I leapt from boulder to boulder along the coast. The park is best seen at sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. The wind howls around you as you walk the short trail to the edge of the mountain. There, you are among the first in the United States to watch the sun brighten the sky. The sun appears over the ocean and slowly illuminates the vast expanses of land and sea. Acadia National Park is a jewel in a treasure chest of National Parks.  Not even a million adjectives would be enough to describe Acadia National Park.Visit for more information.


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