Bryce Canyon National Park

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Bryce Canyon National Park is located deep within Dixie National Forest. Surrounded by forests and originally used for grazing cattle, Bryce Canyon is a spectacular sight. Bryce Canyon is named after Ebenezer Bryce, a Mormon settler who claimed that the wondrous canyon was “a hell of a place to lose a cow.” Perhaps Ebenezer Bryce wasn’t aware of Bryce Canyon’s beauty, but visitors nowadays definitely are.

Last fall (October 2009) was our second visit to the park, and I am sure it won’t be our last. We started off at the Visitors Center, with a film about the canyon and browsing through the museum exhibits. At our first turn-off, Sunrise Point, we saw the glorious canyon. Eerie Hoodoos rose up from the Canyon Floor covering everything in sight. Trails both delve into the depths of the canyon and swerve around the edges of cliffs. From Sunrise Point, we took a steep trail to see the “Crown Jewels”. Afterward, we visited Inspiration Point and Bryce Point, as well as Natural Arch.

There were a less amount of “points” around the park compared to other parks such as the Grand Canyon. The entire park took about 3 hours to see thoroughly. However, considering the season, there was a lot of snow on the ground and it was risky to hike up to several places. Considering that we are from Arizona, we were freezing. All in all, the park is beautiful. It is a must see of the Grand Circle and I highly recommend that everyone make an effort to visit its beautiful scenery.

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