Columbus, OH

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I decided to look through a list of the most sustainable cities in the country and was more than surprised to see Columbus, Ohio ranked highly on the list. Apparently, there is only a single factor which makes Columbus sustainable: its transportation. In Columbus, bike riding is incredibly popular. “Columbus ’ flat terrain and relatively mild climate are conducive to cycling, which begs the question: why didn’t the alternative transportation trend come sooner? Regardless, the city is pumping its pedals hard, making up for lost time. And it’s caught the attention of editors at Bicycling Magazine, who named Columbus among the top five cities to watch for cycling improvements.”

In 2008, Columbus adopted a 300 page “Bicentennial Bikeways Plan” which calls for 500 miles of marked bicycle routes and lanes and the installation of 1,000 bike racks. Intersections will be redesigned to streamline car and bike interactions. This plan is being supplemented by a Two by 2012 goal which aims to have workers take an alternative form of transportation to work at least two days a month by 2012. There are approximately 20 work days a month. By biking to work for two of them, there would be a 10% shift in transportation mode. Back in 2005, less than one percent of people biked to work. This figure is rapidly changing, for the better. Along with biking, more people are realizing the joy of using buses within and around the city. In fact, Megabus, which is economically sound, transports people to three destinations from Columbus — Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago. As biking and public transport increase, Columbus is becoming a more attractive destination for everyone.

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