Court Allows Hunting of Formerly Endangered Wolves

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Today, Friday August 26, 2011, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said that it won’t step in to prevent wolf hunting in Idaho and Montana this fall.

So beginning September 3, hundreds of wolves who had been protected as endangered species will now be killed by hunters.  This is the first time that an animal that had been declared to be endangered has been removed from the list of endangered species and allowed to be hunted. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 566 wolves live in Montana, and 705 in Idaho. Although biologists say these numbers do not mean the wolf population is fully recovered, the states and the powerful lobbying groups of ranchers there do not agree.

Montana has granted 1,100 hunting licenses and set a kill quota of 220 wolves for 2011, while Idaho has not set a limit on the number of wolves that can be killed or trapped over the next six months.

Although the court denied the request to enjoin wolf hunting, people who speak on behalf of wild animals said they would continue to work to protect the rights of the animals and their ecosystems. Mike Garrity, Executive Director for the Alliance for the Wild Rockies said, “We lost the injunction, we have not lost the case.” He says his group and others will continue to fight for the wolves. I support his spirit, and am glad that there are caring people who are willing to keep trying to protect nature.

I think the court made a huge mistake in not preventing the hunting of a group of animals that it had agreed were an endangered species. Wolves are an important part of the ecosystem in the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. When we disturb one part of an ecosystem, we can’t always predict the downstream effects of what will result.

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    Please sign the care2 petition to stop wolf hunting in Idaho and Montana!

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