Drinking Water Out of the Air by Alberta Yoo

Mar 19th, 2013 | By | Category: Environmental News, Youth Blog

water bilboard3

I came upon an interesting video on YouTube.

The capital city of Peru, Lima, has only two inches of rainfall a year which makes people build wells to search for water underground. But Peru’s atmospheric humidity is roughly 98%, indicating that the air is filled with water.

water bilboard1


The students from UTEC (Universidad de Ingenieria & Technologia) came up with the cool idea of making a billboard which extracts moisture out of the humid air and turns it into potable drinking water.

water bilboard2

I think it is really important to use locally available resources to keep one’s community green. The technology behind this is in the video:                                                                                                                http://youtu.be/35yeVwigQcc

How cool it would be to fill up your tumbler from the billboard post on the street!



By Alberta Yoo, Volunteer Youth Blogger

(Photo credits: Google images)


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