Earth Day Report by Hina Hazrat

May 14th, 2013 | By | Category: Youth Blog

“Earth is our first belonging, saving it is our first priority!” – Hina Hazrat

It all happened on April 22, 2013, when we observed Earth Day all up in our colorful calendars. An activity was to engage participants in bringing wonderful ideas to save the Earth! Participants made a total of 19 amazing posters which had Earth Day related messages in them. Moreover, 18 cool messages were shared and gifted to the participants, so that they can share the message of Earth Day and its importance with their families and communities. The messages were written on green balloons, which appeared to be really creative.

Some of the Earth Day messages shared by the participants are inspiring, and here I share a few with you:




1- Love Fish

2- Love Marine Life

3- Water is precious, don’t waste it

4- Go green!

5- Never forget, Earth is your belonging

6- Clean your area

7- Plant trees for fresh oxygen




Spread the message of Earth Day, and celebrate it everyday! Keeping our Earth clean and healthy is our greatest responsibility which we should remember every second as the clock ticks.


By Hina Hazrat, Volunteer Youth Blogger

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