Eco-Celebrities as the Soft Power

Nov 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Environmental topic is one of the hottest issues in these common days. We all can feel the impacts of global warming in our daily lives, such as the change of the weather uncertainly, many disasters happen everywhere, and the other simple things.

Therefore, many people try to do green campaign as their efforts in saving the environment. Celebrities are also the subjects who do socialization of green lifestyle. As a public figure, their activities can influence the people who love them to do the environmental-friendly actions as well. This is called as the “Soft Power”.

One of the examples is a famous actress, Pamela Anderson. As a woman fashionista, she doesn’t consume products made out of animals’ skin. She wants to invite her fans to do the same by making campaigns about “Say NO to Wear Skin Animal”. By doing this way, the consumers of animals’ products can be reduced slowly but sure, so the industry fabric will not hunt animals again. As a result, the illegal hunting of animals can be reduced indirectly.

Besides her, Brad Pitt also showed his care and attention to the environment disasters, especially the Katrina Storm in New Orleans last 2005. To participate in supporting the environmental building program, he donated USD 5 million to build more than 100 green houses. These houses are permanently given for the poor people, especially the victims of that disaster.

Camilla Belle makes a unique socialization by selling T-shirt. She designed it by herself with the painting of Brazilian forests. This effort is done in order to raise people’s awareness about Brazil deforestation which be the 1st highest rate in the world, 2005. The money that she got from selling the T-shirt will be donated for forestry foundation.

Many ways that we can do to save the environment. The most important thing is, to start it from now, start it from ourselves, and start from the little things if we want to make a big difference.


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