Eco-education with International Partner

Feb 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Cooperate with international intern

Socialization and sharing especially about the environment are the most important thing nowadays. Therefore, AV Peduli invited Pedro, an international partner from Portugal to to visit Indonesia. Pedro had a road show schedule from school to school, like SMPN 1 Kedamean Gresik, Al Falah Gresik, Mutiara Bunda Sidoarjo, etc. Of course, Pedro not only inspired the students and villagers through the environmental projects that have been done in his country,  Pedro was also  inspired through people’s creativity in saving the environment, like recycling the waste to be unique things, the traditional way to farming, how to conserve Adenium, and other interesting things.

Beside joining AV Peduli’s environmental programs, Pedro also had a chance to join a few cultural programs. For example,he participated in “Wayang” show, traditional marriage, it was the first time he ever wore the traditional costume here. For sure, it was a valuable experience for Pedro, as well as for all the members and schools partner of AV Peduli Gresik.

Let’s make the eco-education more interactive, by combining it with other  aspects, such as  culture to make it more attractive!

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