Eco-Hero Award Winner Voted “Most Inspiring Speaker”

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Felix Finkbeiner, an Action for Nature 2010 Eco-Hero Award winner, was recently a featured speaker at the Hasso Plattner Ventures Forum on Entrepreneurship, and was voted as the “most inspiring speaker of the day”. Congratulations Felix!

The commitment of the students makes us cry

Felix as a speaker at the Hasso Plattner Ventures Forum on Entrepreneurship

Much attention in the economic high-profile audience got the appeal of Felix Finkbeiner (12 years old), who founded the students initiative Plant-for-the-Plant and became the head of a worldwide movement of children. Its stated goal is to plant one million trees in every country of the world. The slogan “Stop talking. Start planting” immediately underlines that it is necessary to do something about the global climate crisis.

“Many of us children could expirience the year 2100. So we have to take the responsibility that our earth is still worth living,” said the eloquent student, who was promptly voted as the “most inspiring speaker of the day”. In fact, Felix inspired 200 about 200 participants.

Ketan Patel, former Manging Director of Goldman Sachs, now CEO and founder of Greater Pacific Capital, promised to organize a tourney of academies in India. We thought about the End of October 2010 when Felix will join the Biodiversity Conference COP10 and the UNEP-Children Conference in Japan.

Eran Davidson, CEO of Hasso Plattner Ventures: “Every year we have one speaker who makes us cry. This year it is you, Felix. We will donate all the money that will have left over at the end of the conference to your Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation.”

Felix outlined China as an example in tree planting. “If everybody would plant as many trees as the Chinese (2.7 billion in 2009) we would reach 500 billion trees easily”.

Eran Davidson supported the campaign. Felix said: “It’s not about the polar bears be saved, it is about our future”

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