Seeking Support for Anti-Litter Legislation

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Amy Steinmetz

Amy Steinmetz, 2004 Eco-Hero

2004 Young Eco-Hero Amy Steinmetz is asking for your support in her effort to eliminate cigarette butt litter. Amy and her brothers and sisters have organized a “No Butts About It” campaign to educate people not to throw their cigarette butts on the ground.

She is now working closely with Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut on Senate Bill 2758, which is aimed at raising awareness and ultimately eliminating cigarette butt litter. The pollution caused by this habit is just one of many problems this practice causes:

  • Littered butts poses a health threat which in some instances has resulted in death to small children and animals who mistakenly ingest them.
  • Littered cigarettes are often the cause of destructive forest and house fires.
  • Dropped butts get into the water supply and cause a deterioration to water quality, as well as harm to marine life.

Most smokers simply drop their butts out of habit and without conscious thought. When made aware, however, smokers are more than happy to dispose of their cigarettes properly.

Senate Bill 2758 would require cigarette manufacturers to print a notice on each package of cigarettes for smokers to dispose of cigarette waste properly.

Our congratulations to Amy for her great work. You can learn more about Amy’s campaign on the “No Butts About It” website.

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