Kenyan school honors Winne Owade

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Winne Owade receives an awardDuring a day long ceremony at her school in Siaya, Kenya, AFN’s Eco-Hero, Winne Owade, was awarded her certificate by the Area Councilor. Winne won the prize for organizing a program at her school to feed the local monkeys in the trees around the campus with food left over from the school cafeteria. She also is active in planting indigenous trees to provide natural food for wildlife.

The day began at 7:30 a.m. when invited guests, parents and pupils began arriving. Following a National Flag raising by the school’s pupils, and Girl Guides and Scouts from neighboring schools, the students went in procession to the local market and cleaned it up by picking up trash, after which they returned to the school and carried out a tree planting exercise headed by the Area Councilor and local Chief.

At 11 a.m. when all the guests had assembled, prayers were offered by the parish priest and other local church leaders, and ceremonial speeches were given by the school’s head teacher, other officials and by Winne. Winne’s speech was a challenge to the students and parents. She urged them to be positive in environmental conservation and she promised to work even harder to a high level and called on all present to become environmentalists. The Area Councilor encouraged young people to copy Winne as an environmental role model.

After the speeches, all enjoyed lunch and a happy social time. Winne will be moving on to high school next year and will use her Action For Nature prize to pay for her schooling.

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