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While working on my persuasive mastery paper for English class, I came across ecofeminism or ecological feminism, a social and political movement combining two of my passions, environmentalism and feminism. Although the topic is considered radical by many and idealistic by some, I found it interesting enough to explore and to share with you. Ecofeminism basically states that the oppression and subordination of women is directly correlated to the destruction and degradation of nature by a patriarchal society. Vandana Shiva, a self-declared eco-feminist says that one of the central missions of ecofeminism is to redefine how societies look at the roles of women and nature. Till now, women and nature have been viewed as passive elements of society and ecofeminism’s goal is to change that misconception. Considering that women have often been representative of nature (terms such as Mother Nature), ecofeminists look at linguistic bridges between the oppression of women and nature. Phrases such as “Tame nature” and “Reap nature’s bounty” are an obvious case of this phenomenon.  The notion that women are untamed or wild also is an effect of this said degradation of both women and nature. A relatively new concept, the term ecofeminism was coined by French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne in 1974.

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