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Dec 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Ever since I got involved with nature, I realized that others needed to get involved as well. Ignorance and passivity are the biggest threats to the environment. The method through which others could get involved was obvious: an Environmental Club. I attend a small charter school in Phoenix – the entire high school consists of a mere 450 students. Therefore, clubs are difficult to initiate, and even harder to keep in motion. From past experiences with Speech and Debate, I knew that interest tended to die out by the third meeting. So, with a careful hand, I composed a message to our principal, asking her for the approval of an Environmental Club. She graciously granted our request and allowed us to start meeting every other Monday.

Since then, Environmental Club has been changing the school for the better. Over 25 people attend the meetings and perform community service. Our Facebook Group is constantly updated and most of our officers are dedicated and helpful. Every Tuesday, Environmental Club conducts a school-wide Recycling-Program, emptying all the recycle bins. We have designed a logo and t-shirts and fundraise. We have been involved with a drive for Haiti, done after the disaster struck in Haiti, and the raising of an organic garden in our courtyard. On Veteran’s Day, with the help of Eagle Scouts, we deconstructed and naturalized a trail on South Mountain, a Phoenix Park. We hope to double our possible projects by next semester. For anyone who wants to make a difference in their community, an Environmental Club is the way to do it.

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