Environmental Education to Promote Global Amity

Dec 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

We notice that children in the United States and Europe are often more concerned about the environment than their parents. Why is it so? If we ponder over the issue, we will find that environmental concern is a very recent phenomenon. Most adults of today who control society were not taught to be environmentally conscious since childhood. With strong environmental advocacy all around us recently, the environmental ideals that are instilled in children would be held by them all their lives. With a heavily environmental education today in the United States, I am sure that the next generation will be very environmentally conscious, and while entrenched industrial activity might still pollute, it is likely to have less and less support from governments and societies.

The first Earth Day was created in 1970, paving the way for environmentalism. Environmentalism in its modern form came about because of mankind going to space and seeing the earth being a little ball. As time goes on and education becomes more and more environmental, the adults of later generations will be inevitably more environmentally aware.

Environmentalism has become a fashionable word today. Few people are against environmentalism, even those who are in the business of polluting, although they make various excuses for their actions. Technology is being re imagined. Progress is no longer associated with new technology without reference to its environmental implications. In order to cater to the fashion of the day, BP has, (or had) a green symbol as its slogan. Everybody advocates environmentalism verbally, even if they don’t act to promote it.

It would be pertinent to ask if the present day environmental education will have an effect on the heirs of environmentally damaging businesses. It is reasonable to assume that the upcoming generation will do more to create a better environmental future. There is likely to be less support for human activity that is harmful to the environment. I am sure that the United States will become more actively environmental in future.

But how much of an environmental education does the United States have? Everything I read and watch tells me that a moral crusade against the greedy businessmen and for the welfare of the environment is launched in all earnest.

If environmental education still has something to achieve, here are some tips. The schools ought to teach the children environmental morals while strongly discouraging any activity and business that harms the environment. Moreover, environmental awareness should be taught in such a way that the child is made to think of him or herself as the inhabitant of the planet earth, not as belonging to one nation state or the other. Environmental awareness is best taught as a world wide project, as humanity’s main aim in the future. Students should be taught how to serve the environment and that this is more important than doing business for making their nation- state richer than the other nation-states.

So, keep up the environmental education! Through it, we can not only safeguard our planet but also promote human camaraderie at a truly global scale. I envision that one day, we will all inhabit planet Earth as one people, tending to our homeland the Earth minus the racial and national prejudices, in peace.

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