Everybody Loves Magazines

Feb 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Youth Blog

By Julie Salzman



Magazines are everywhere and why not?  They are easy and fun to read.  Also, there is a magazine for every interest.  There are magazines about pets, teen life, crafting, cooking, health, business and news, the list goes on and on.

According to CleanAir.org, 350 million magazines are published each year.  MetaClimate.com states that a standard tree can make enough pulp for 8,000-13,000 sheets of paper.  If a magazine has 100 sheets, that’s 80-130 magazines per tree.  So what should we do if we can’t give up our love of magazines but want to be planet friendly?  It is simple; share them.

Two years ago, I started a project called Magazinetherapy.com that collects magazines from friends, family, and doctor’s offices and donates them to the elderly living in nursing homes, rehabilitation sites, hospitals and assisted living facilities.  Sharing these magazines keeps them out of recycle bin by giving them a second life and at the same time puts a smile on an elderly person’s face. Magazines are especially good for older readers who may have insufficient focus to read an entire book and/or may face diminishing eyesight.   Besides having magazines occupy an older persons time, reading may slow the effects of memory loss just as physical exercise improves circulation.

It’s easy to do, instead of throwing your magazines into the recycle bin, give them a new life by sharing them.  Start with the magazines piled up in your own room.





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