Green Festive Season by Abdikadir Aden

Dec 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Green Festive SeasonThe year has been so long and people are tired and worn out. That does not mark the end of the year. Every person, whether young or old, wants to rest their mind and celebrate in one way or the other. From New Year parties to X-mas celebrations, happily married couples who want to enjoy their anniversaries to the young generation who wants to party. For a few like me, a lot is being planned to celebrate my birthday. This is a time of the calendar that one has anticipated for so long and that everyone wants to celebrate in his or her own style.

Huge expenditures are made and every little thing purchased from supermarkets are all wrapped in plastic bags in one way or the other. Take for example the plastic flowers and dance lights, everything from cookies and chocolates to wines. All come in customized designs for the big celebrations and the more we purchase them, the more waste we are creating.

Do we really realize that a lot of waste and much pollution is generated from these celebrations? Solid waste is generated, as is liquid and noise pollution. It is time for fun, but we really need to be very conservative.

Balloons which are the lightest in weight cause a nuisance when they burst, and they get scattered all over, and into the eco-system. Where do these wastes really end up at the end of the long celebrations? Some are left to lie in our door corridors and some lie along the major streets. Who is responsible for the clean-up?

When it comes to noise, a lot of it is generated and thus increases society’s developing ear problems. One might not feel the effect immediately but with time, signs of prolonged hearing problems and headaches might be felt. The old want to listen their memorial anniversary songs, while the young want to rock the dancehall floors. Young people cannot do without beats as they say music is life. Well, it is life, but we need to lower our volume levels.

Let’s mark these events keeping in mind that we really need to take care of our environment.

Celebrate wisely, and have a GREEN festive season!

by Abdikadir Aden, Volunteer Guest Blogger

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