Healthy Habits for a Healthy World! by Hina Hazrat

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At times, we realize that a lot of our activities injure our earth or, in more simple words, affect it badly. Today, I would like to share few easy and impactful acts that we can implement in our daily lives to ensure a healthy world free of  pollution and over usage of natural resources.


Before heading towards the main points of importance it is essential to realize that we need a clean environment to live healthily. A happy earth is the source of our happiness, after all. Caring for earth is our utmost responsibility.



1. If you are free and have time to reach the places you want to, try going by walking. Look at trees, grasses, sky, breathe fresh air and step ahead to your destination.

2. Make sure that all lights are turned off when not required. Don’t misuse electricity!

3. Have some vacant space outside your house? Start greening it with plants (if possible)!

4. No littering! Use a trash bin.

5. Say no to plucking flowers!

“Nature is beautiful, feel its glee! Lets take a step in conserving the nature we are blessed with.”


By Hina Hazrat, Volunteer Youth Blogger

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