Human Conservation 2011!

May 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

I’m pleased to announce that, with the help of the UConn Human Rights Institute, I and four other collaborators have started the planning for a great event… a day-long event focusing on conservation justice! The name comes from a 1975 speech by Rep. Morris K. Udall, who said that “many problems of cities are at heart environmental problems,” and that solving these problems would be “human conservation” as well as environmental conservation.

As we get closer to the date, I’ll announce our mystery speaker (we know who it is, don’t worry) and some of the other awesome ideas behind the program. But for now, here are the three questions we included in our proposal for the event, since I think these are nice food for thought:

  1. Are environmental goals truly compatible with human rights and welfare — in truth, can we treat “human health and the environment” as a single issue?
  2. As empowered citizens of a wealthy, developed state [specifically, being UConn students], how can we help promote environmental justice?
  3. How can environmentalism better bridge the class spectrum for the purpose of collaboration on social and environmental issues? What are the roots of the social-environmental disconnect, and how can that barrier be eradicated?

Keep thinking… and stay green, all!


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