Keeping the Night Lights Alive

Nov 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Have you ever seen little lighfirefliests flying in the sky on warm summer evenings? I’m not talking about shooting stars, I am talking about fireflies!  Did you know that these bright insects are endangered?  I am just starting to learn about these magnificent creatures and how to help them.

Fireflies are endangered because of things like light pollution, chemical pesticides, and, like all creatures, loss of habitat.  These are big problems!  However, there are a few less overwhelming problems that you can easily help with.

Fireflies use their lights to communicate about mating or to warn about predators.  Too much light from exterior lights at night can interfere with fireflies’ communication.  So turn off your lights when you are not using them.  You could also pull the blinds or curtains on your windows so they don’t see the light coming from inside your home.

Did you know that fireflies lay their eggs in tall grasses?  So if you are mowing the lawn excessively, you could be mowing the fireflies’ nurseries!  Now, would you prefer to be working hard on a hot summer day, or swimming in the pool?  Give yourself an afternoon off and relax.   That’s an easy way to help fireflies!

Maybe you like to catch fireflies to observe in a jar.  Just make sure you don’t keep them in there too long, because they will not have what they need to survive.  It is fun to watch them up close, but it’s even cooler to see them flying around in nature.

If you want to go a step further, here are some ways you can help give fireflies more habitat:

  • let a small part of your lawn grow taller so that firefly larvae can be born
  • do not use chemical pesticides
  • make a small stream or pond
  • leave some leaf litter on the ground because that is a good place for fireflies to lay their eggs; it is also a good place for the larvae to feed on earthworms without being seen by as many predators

We need to protect fireflies, and I’m going to keep researching about how I can help.  If you want to learn more about these magical creatures, please visit, or visit my website at


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