Kick Cigarette Butts In The Butt! by Brianna Moore

Apr 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Two cigarettes, one named Kool and the other named Newport, were walking down the street looking for some where to hang out.  It was no mystery that they were actually looking for some where to live and survive.  As they walked down the street, they talked about the myth that cigarette butts are biodegradable.  Smarter than most gave them credit for, Kool and Newport knew cigarette butts were NOT biodegradable.  As a matter of fact, the acetate filters can take many years to break down and decompose.  Kool and Newport knew these facts, but the average smoker does not understand the negative impact that cigarette butts have on the environment.  Even the tobacco companies are deceiving smokers about the harmful use and disposal of cigarette butts.

Did you know that cigarette packages have no warning signs about the potential damages that cigarettes and cigarette butts can have on our environment? However, there are advocates at the GreenLife Saver Recycling Foundation in Detroit, who are spreading the word and kicking cigarette butts in the butt.  The Founder of GreenLife Saver Recycling Foundation is out cleaning up the riverbanks, removing cigarettes butts and packaging them and sending those filthy butts to the Terracycle recycling foundation. The do-good, good Samaritan Brianna Moore is out kicking cigarette butts in the butt.


Youth blogger and Founder of GreenLife Saver Foundation, Brianna Moore, delivers plastic bags and bottles to the recycling center. (Photo credits: B. Moore)

Not only she cleaning up, she is educating about the harm cigarette butts have on the environment by placing those flyers everywhere and people are reading them.  Thanks to those who are uninformed, trillions of cigarette butts end up in our rivers, water supply, dumpsters or our landfills.  These casually tossed cigarette butts are then carried by the rain and wind into our water supply, releasing the toxic chemicals that damage our quality of water and aquatic life forms.  Nevertheless, these dirty little nasty cigarette butts can be recycled by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.  They are recycled into variety of industrial products such as plastic pellets and all remaining parts of the cigarette butts are recycled into some type of tobacco composting.

So, will you become a part of our team? We need your help!

Become a part of the  solution, and not a part of the problem.  Spread the word about the dangers of tossing cigarette butts.  You can start by informing your family, friends and community about cigarettes and the causal tossing of cigarette butts.  Let them know that if they must smoke, to discard the butts properly and to please remember: DO NOT LITTER!   Also, offer to collect their cigarette butts or direct them to the Terracycle recycling foundation that accepts cigarette butts free of charge at the following website:                                           


Cigarette waste packed and ready to be shipped to Terracycle. (Photo credit: B. Moore)

    By Brianna L. Moore, Volunteer Youth Blogger 



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  1. Eric says:

    I have a youth group that would love to help in the Detroit area. Let me know how we can help.

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