less transportation, less carbon emission

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Now that the important fossil fuels, which power our transportation, are running out, we must use them as little as possible. The most unnecessary use of them must first be stamped out, and then the next use, if possible. Transportation must be suppressed as much as possible until perhaps the development of renewable energy.

If there is more transportation in the world than is needed to maintain the necessary structures of the world, such as trade, technology, catering to the needs and wants of people, and keeping everybody alive, then that transportation must be stopped by changing certain systems. The world might still be radically different, but not at too great a cost for all its people.

One way in which we must change the world to reduce transportation is to change the uneven structure of trade in the world. Third world countries are usually reliant on foreign powers for most of the products, including food. Indeed, the United States is called the breadbasket of the world, providing most of its food while much of the area around the world that could be used for agriculture is left empty. Over here in Pakistan, I see Mcdonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken who use Idaho grown potatoes, while we Pakistani people can eat at less cost what is grown here. Indeed, within the United States itself, food is not usually grown locally, but is controlled by big businesses that usually grow it in certain places and ship it off to other places.

If food across the world is grown locally, it might be beneficial for the environment because there won’t be the trucks and planes and ships carrying all that food to a faraway place, and therefore less oil will be used. If all food that was consumed came from as close by as possible, then there wouldn’t be all those trucks transporting it to faraway places.

Also, having the food come from a faraway place means it is very old, and therefore it has to be covered with preservatives. The more it comes from as close by as possible, the more organic it will be.

Local food will be tastier in another way in that imported food has to survive a long journey, and therefore such food is bred to be hardier, at the cost of taste.

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