Noise Pollution

Oct 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Recently, through a friend of mine, I came into contact with noise pollution-or environmental noise. Noise pollution is a  real threat to the ecological balance of the modern world. “What is noise pollution?”, you may be wondering. Noise pollution is essentially any sound that is both displeasing to the ears and disrupts the activity and balance of life. It can be severe- and usually results from transportation systems and poor urban planning. Considered by many to be nothing more than a figment of the imagination, noise pollution is drastically changing our world for the worse.

Noise pollution affects both one’s physiological and psychological well-being. It affects the environment by changing predator/prey relationships, causing stress, and interfering with an animal’s sense of communication. In different animals, noise pollution changes their innate behaviors. Zebra Finches have been noted to become less faithful to their partners after being exposed to loud noises. In humans, noise pollution can cause tinnitushypertension, high stress levels, aggression, and annoyance. Noise-induced hearing loss has also become more prominent in older men due to noise pollution. Think of it this way: 100 years ago, the world would have been much quieter. In 1910, hardly anyone even owned a personal automobile. Now imagine 1000 years ago. No cars, no trains, no power drills, no electricity. Doesn’t everything seem so much louder now? Embrace the silence, it’s a rare gift. Anyway, to learn more about noise pollution and the ways it is changing our habitat, go to


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