Nuclear Power

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Often discussed, often debated, and often disputed, nuclear power is the future of America and the future of energy. Recently, in my English class, all of us wrote and presented our persuasive mastery papers. One of my classmates chose to do his paper on the future of nuclear power. I found his presentation interesting and captivating. He argued that with the safety precautions currently being taken, there is no reason to want to abstain from nuclear power. Emission-free, inexpensive, and more convenient, nuclear energy can make the world a better place, quite literally. Being an environmentalist, I found it essential to go home and do some research on my own on nuclear power.
In the United States, nuclear power contributes to 2000 tons of waste annually. Coal, on the other hand, constitutes not only 100,000,000 tons of toxic waste but also pollutes and greatly increases the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Considering the vast amounts of benefits derived from nuclear power, it is odd that there are so many people against the idea. France, where nuclear power is the primary source of energy, has been deemed a success story, providing French citizens with clean and cheap energy. However, the reasons for hesitation in nuclear power can be attributed to Three Mile Island and to Chernobyl. In both these places, the nuclear plants failed in some way and caused panic and in Chernobyl, the leaking of nuclear waste into the surrounding area. However, in both these areas, it was not the nuclear energy which was to blame. It was mismanagement and carelessness which led to the failures.
Were America and the world to switch to nuclear power, failures like those at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl could be avoided. With new technology and new prevention methods, nuclear power could be successfully and safely implemented. The adoption of nuclear power could significantly reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a safer greener and happier place.

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