Nyepi Day by Patricia Goeyardi

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Nyepi day is a special celebration in Bali (Indonesia) to start the Saka New Year (Hindu
calendar). It is the day of silence, fasting and meditation for Hindu people. This year, it occurred on
23rd of March.

I love Nyepi day because it is time for everyone to stay at home. It is quiet, calm and has no
pollution. Nobody is allowed to go anywhere on Nyepi day, but the day before, we will have an
Ogoh-ogoh parade.

Ogoh-ogoh is a big scary figurine, mostly in a shape of a large monster, that is used to ‘fight’
the evil spirit around us and inside us. It is made of newspapers, styrofoam, bamboo, and other
materials. We recycle things like newspapers and Styrofoam into something useful for

celebrating the New Year. Ogoh-ogoh represents togetherness of acommunity. Each Balinese
community here makes different kind of Ogoh-ogoh. It takes about a month or maybe more than a
month to make one Ogoh-ogoh, depending on the size and difficulties. At the end of the day, Ogoh-
ogoh will be burnt as a symbol to get rid of evil spirit.

I suggest there should be a quiet day like Nyepi day all around the world, because the

result behind it is so interesting: no pollution for the environment. It is also a good day for looking at
ourselves and thinking, like how we have been acting and our behavior.

Can you imagine if we have a kind of ‘quiet day’ two times in a month? I think it could help
the environment and decrease pollution.

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