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No matter how careful my family and I are about using reusable drinking bottles, at the end of the week our recycle bin is full of plastic water bottles. My family is not alone in this because according to, the US is consuming 29 billion water bottles a year. They also say that only one out of every six water bottles end up being recycled. That is an awful shame. There is no denying that plastic water bottles are convenient so if you use plastic water bottles, at least recycle them!!!!

Water bottles are very recycle-able. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, water bottles (PET) can be recycled into fiberfill for sleeping bags, carpet fibers, rope, pillows, etc. Five PET bottles make enough fiber for one extra large T-shirt or one square foot of carpet. Twenty-five two-litter bottles can make one sweater. Thirty-five two-litter PET bottles make enough fiberfill for a sleeping bag.

I found many amazing products that use recycled (PET) plastic water bottles. I support these companies by purchasing their products. Some of my favorites are rPET by Case-Mate, Pilot B2P pens, and Levi Waste Less jeans. See links below!

It is best for the environment to always drink out of reusable bottles. If you are not ready for that step, please recycle the disposable plastic bottles you do use. Recycling these bottles saves landfill space and keeps them out of our waterways. Recycling also helps us save energy by creating new products more efficiently. If you use plastic water bottles, at least recycle them!!!!


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