Preserving the Majesty by Malcolm Barnard

Jun 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Youth Blog



Mammoth trees so lush and green
These woods are nothing but serene
Underneath a cloudless, pearl blue sky
Tree to tree, songbirds swoop and fly

Swaying gently loom luscious plants
Vibrant warblers calling unique chants
Slithering snakes oscillate across the trail
An electric blue lizard lazily flicks its tail

Night falls as stars glisten through the canopy of trees
The wind slowly dies down to a gently-blowing breeze
Hoots from night-loving owls are music to my ears
The thought that I must leave now brings my eyes to tears

Through the branches, moonlight’s soft glow beams
Illuminating sounds and sights like walking through mystical dreams
Animals burrowing below, birds slumbering above
The majestic outdoors is my true and undeniable love


By Malcolm Barnard, Volunteer Youth Blogger & 2013 International Young Eco-Hero

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