PWC’s Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up by Harnoor Gill

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Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park, Brampton, Ontario:
The shoreline clean-up we conducted at this park in Brampton was the first spring clean-up at our 2nd year pinnacle held on April 21st 2013. We had a great turnout at Chinguacousy Park with lots of youth participation where kids were physically involved in the shoreline clean-up. We were able to collect more than 50 garbage bags which is astounding! It might seem that people tend to throw garbage simultaneously, but the reality is that it is a big park with lots of people occupying it, so the garbage piles up over time. There was interesting stuff such as diapers, cigarettes, caps, bulbs, bottles and even a couple of car parts to pick up at the local park.
Willow Park Ecology Centre, Norval, Ontario:
It is starting to become a trend for youth to use their time to help change the world by participating in shoreline clean-ups which is a great thing to do on their part! On our second shoreline cleanup on April, 28th 2013 was held at the local Willow Park Ecology Centre. The youth that were present pulled buck-thorn, weeds and picked up garbage while making a change in the community of Halton Hills. These youth came out on a Sunday morning, taking time out of their weekend to help improve the Willow Park Ecology Centre.
Kelso Conservation Area, Milton, Ontario:
Once again, what a turnout in Milton! I was excited to know that there were so many people that were interested in my ‘Shoreline Clean-Up’ in this local conservation area. The weather was picture-perfect, the lake was refreshingly cold, the sand was soft and warm, but sadly, there was still garbage lying around. People just don’t seem to appreciate the Earth as much nowadays. I say this because of how dirty our local parks are becoming, and there are few working to change this. Once an individual litters, everyone starts to litter, which creates a domino effect. In order to remedy this, I helped clean-up by picking up garbage after people who had forgotten. It made me feel a lot better at the end of the day to know that I had contributed something so valuable towards my community with this small act of kindness that anyone can do.
Meadowland Park, Brampton, Ontario:
Sadly, this happened to be our last spring Clean-Up in the ChangeTheWorld Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge campaign, but we kept the mood that it was first time ever doing such a thing. This brightened up everyone’s day by building up self-esteem to accomplish more than we ever thought that we would be able to do. This created more initiative within the Clean-Up group and a lot more work got done with a smaller amount of people. As a coordinator of this Clean-Up I can only do so much and that’s what our volunteers are here for: to do the ground work and put smiles on the faces of individuals passing by, and to inspire the local community!


By Harnoor Gill, Volunteer Youth Blogger & Peace Welcome Club Founder

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