Redwood National Park

Feb 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Trees, trees everywhere… Where was I? Redwood National Park, of course! It’s the only park full of coast redwoods in the United States and is situated in northern California. Coast redwoods can only be found in forests along the northern Pacific coast. This type of redwood is part of the world’s largest tree species and can grow up to 375 feet. As we cruised along the coast, I caught glimpses of the sparkling, blue water. The water was much too cold to play in but the sight of the crashing waves hitting the sand and spraying the trees was enough. Even though the sky was overcast, the weather was gorgeous. The Lady Bird Johnson Grove was spectacular. Walking through the thicket in complete silence with only sounds of nature was rather calming. Some trees had large crevices in them because of fires and certain animals made their home in them. Elk grazed in the fields near the Prairie Creek Visitor Center. Living in Arizona, you don’t see much wildlife and it was a complete surprise to me. After the elk posed for pictures, they became tired and moved on. Nearby, at Jedediah Smith State Park, we drove through the woods and viewed the large variety of trees. According to me, the best part of the park was the calm and quiet atmosphere. There aren’t many places where you can be in complete silence anymore. It was great to get away from the noise of cities and spend a few days in the wilderness. Want to experience Redwood National Park? Go to to learn more.

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