Regional PMLCC in Hanoi, Vietnam

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“Think out of the box and Be the change”

Regional Project Management and Leadership on Climate Change workshop was organized by The British Council East Asia. There were for about 30 participants from Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

It was held on 22 — 26 November 2010. The first 4 days took place in Asean Resort, a hotel with a great environmental nature area! It’s a great place to live back to nature! The rest 2 days took place in Army Hotel to make participants easier get closer with Vietnam.

Networking with talented leaders in the regions, sharing, and learning a lot. Most of them are young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a heart for changing the world.

Here you are some interesting points:

1. Leadership –> it’s not all about how to lead someone, but how to inspire.

2. Project management –> do it by applying the circle steps of initiating, planning, delivering, and evaluating.

3. Stakeholder Engagements –> set a network with the right priority

4. Media communication –> make it unique, and not too long! otherwise people won’t pay attention again 🙁

5. Event Organizer –> use SMART principle, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant.

Through this, we can build networking overseas to save the earth together!

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