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Feb 25th, 2011 | By | Category: Youth Blog

“Orangutan mothers never willingly give up their babies, so in most cases we must assume the worst—that the mother was killed by poachers in order to get the infant,” says Jimmy, WWF-Indonesia’s communications coordinator in West Kalimantan.

“While I’m happy that this orangutan was rescued, it is a real tragedy to lose even a single member of this subspecies from the wild because their numbers are already dangerously low.”


Baim belongs to the most threatened subspecies of Bornean orangutans. Experts estimate less than 4,500 Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus are left in the fast disappearing forests of West Kalimantan (Indonesia) and Sarawak (Malaysia). Disappearing forest homes and a rabid demand for baby orangutans to supply the illegal wildlife pet trade are taking their toll.

The baby Bornean orangutan is the second to be rescued by villagers in the remote hamlet of Lanjak in just a month. If Baim is truly lucky his journey will end where it began, back in the forests at the Heart of Borneo.

So, if you have found rare animals, don’t sell them or place them in your “jail” named cage. Bring them back to their origin, nature…

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