Saving the Earth by Abbie Barnes

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The uncountable number issues that we on planet earth are now facing can be extremely overwhelming, and it is easy to feel lost amongst huge global-scale action plans. However, as an individual or group of any size, change can be made. Below is just a small selection of random ways in which you can help make a difference to protecting planet earth as we know it.

  • Say ‘no’ to individual portions of sugar, milk and coffee at your workplace. Coffee portions use 10 times as much packaging as when purchased in bulk. By suggesting use of larger packages, you can help reduced the overall cost, and packaging.
  • Switch off lights you don’t need, helping save energy, reduce the enhanced greenhouse effect and save you money. Most of the energy supplied to produce electricity comes from coal, oil and gas, which release harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • Don’t throw away old clothes or children’s toys. During a lifetime, a child born in an industrialised country will consume more resources and generate more pollution than 40 children in a developing country. Instead, donate to charities or children’s hospitals, and watch others benefit.
  • Turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth. Our natural fresh water reserves are not expandable, and they must be shared among an ever-growing population. By simply turning off the tap, gallons of water can be saved.
  • Plant native vegetation in your garden to help encourage natural biodiversity and lessen the risk of non-native species spreading and colonising local natural habitats.
  • Use a low-flow showerhead, rather than a power shower. You can reduce your consumption of water by using a head that aerates and increases the flow of the water to produce finer spray. Showers account of 17% of indoor water use, adding up to 1.2 trillion gallons annually.
  • Don’t defrost in the microwave. Reduce your electricity bill by using renewable energy from the sun, and take your food from the freezer earlier and let it defrost to room temperature.
  • Participate in Earth Hour 2013 on March 23rd at 8:30pm to help save power. During this time, have a candle-light meal, or play games. You could even make Earth Hour a monthly event in your household! More on this event in an upcoming blog post.
  • Protect the rivers and ocean by not dumping rubbish of any kind. Pocket it until you come across a bin – otherwise, sooner or later, it will end up in a lake, river, harbour or the sea.
  • Make those around you aware of issues and problems that our planet faces – NEVER REMAIN SILENT! Share your knowledge, encourage sustainability and action of any kind.


By Abbie Barnes, Volunteer Youth Blogger

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