Saving the Snow Leopards

Jan 9th, 2014 | By | Category: Youth Blog

By Malcolm Barnard

snow leopard


Many of Action for Nature’s readers and Eco Heroes all over the world are involved in wildlife conservation efforts. This post is for you.
My friend Joe Rohde traveled to Mongolia this Fall to raise money to support conservation efforts for endangered snow leopards. I posted some of this information previously on Facebook, but now that Joe is back he is posting lots of photos and posts about the trip so that everyone can experience his incredible journey.
To learn more about his efforts please visit Joe’s  blog and  Facebook. Please like and share his facebook!
For more information on the purpose of this trip, go to this youtube video.
For more information on the Snow Leopard Conservancy, check out their website.

Joe Rohde's painting in Mongolia

Joe Rohde is Vice President of Disney Imagineering and the man behind Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund and Animal Kingdom. I met Joe at a Disney youth conservation leadership conference and was amazed at his incredible spirit and belief in doing everything we can to find ways to make a difference. Small actions can lead to large changes. Find a way to make your impact!

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