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Summer has passed and I hope every student enjoyed their well-deserved time off.   Back-to-school campaigns are on the TV and invaded many magazines and newspapers.  So whether you are the student who hasn’t emptied out their backpack from the prior year or you are the student who likes to do your school shopping early, please consider the environmental impact of your choices.  Let the reducing, reusing, and recycling mantra guide you.

Reduce the waste you produce.  This year I bought a reusable lunch bag and plan on saying goodbye to paper lunch bags.  Reuse whenever possible.  Last year I bought a Jansport backpack because I heard they do survive many years of abuse.  I am glad to report my backpack is still in mint condition and I plan on reusing it again this upcoming school year.  In case anything had happened to the backpack, Jansport offers a lifetime warranty on their backpacks.  The company says they will repair or replace them if they do not hold up. If you do need to buy new supplies, look for those made from recycled content.  I love the Pilot B2P – Bottle to Pen Retractable Gel Roller Pens.  They are made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  If you need a new binder, this year Staples is recycling old binders, just bring in your old worn binder for $2 off a new one.

Remember everything you do impacts your environment.  ACT WISELY.

To learn more about Jansport and their warranty program visit:

To learn more about Staples binder recycling program visit:


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