Seahorses in Bali by Patricia Goeyardi

May 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Do you know that seahorses are endangered? Seahorses can camouflage themselves to the colors of the coral reef. They use this skill along with their ability to hold onto the reef with their tales to hide from predators.

I learned about seahorses (Genus: Hippocampus) at theSeranganIsland, a beautiful island located in the south of Sanur area inBali. I learned that the male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant. When male and female seahorses mate, the female seahorse opens its pouch and gives the eggs to the male pouch. The female seahorses can release up to 1,500 eggs in the male pouch. When the eggs are hatched, we cannot see them because they are super tiny!

While on this trip, I was made a video documentary about seahorses and the coral reefs inBali. I adopted and freed some seahorses and planted corals at an offshore location 15 minutes from the beach. It was fun! I got to snorkel around, see some fish and admire the beauty of the ocean. The water was so nice and clear that I could see the entire underwater world. It’s so amazing!

I also learned that seahorses cannot be separated from the coral reefs or else the seahorses will die. So, we have to conserve the corals by planting them. I learned about how to plant the corals. One big tip I learned is that we should not throw anything that can pollute the sea, such as fish poison, chemical drugs, etc. because the chemicals can kill the seahorses as well the corals.

I will continue this activity again when the weather is fine.

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  1. Josephine says:

    A cute and fragile creature such as a seahorse can be so interesting in your article, Patricia. Well done!

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