Shout-Out: If You Give a Climatologist a Card….

Mar 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Make a Difference!, Youth Blog

No, this isn’t a cute little story in which a climatologist gets a card, has an idea for recycled paper greeting cards, starts a small business…. must not get distracted. This is a shout-out to a friend of mine at my college, who has a fantastic idea which I think deserves some recognition. Climate scientists have a hard life… and get a lot of criticism, as well. Climate change skeptics are quite vocal, and if you stand up for global warming you’re probably going to run into opposition from somebody sooner or later. That’s gotta be pretty discouraging!

So the idea which Chris B. came up with was relatively simple… what if we sent climate scientists thank you cards?

It’s a great idea, and to me this was one of those “Why didn’t I  think of that?” ideas – it’s so nice, and it’s so…. deserved! We’ll be distributing the cards among student organizations, and will be sending two every week – one to a faculty member at University Connecticut, and one to a climate scientist at another institution. This week we’re sending one to England… figuring out the postage on that ought to be fun. 🙂

So a shout-out to Chris B.! Here’s to the much needed thanks we should be giving our environmental advocates. Who knows, maybe others schools could get involved in this? What do you think?

(Remember, there is a comment feature, so I’m not exactly asking this to the thin air. If you have some thoughts or a similar idea which you think ought to get a shout-out, send me a comment!)

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