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First of all, a quick explanation: many of the projects I’ve talked about (eBird, IPANE, etc.) are for a specific group of species, and are collected over many many years in multiple locations all at the same time. In contrast, a bioblitz (in general) happens in one spot on one day, and captures all the species diversity in that spot. And here’s the best part: usually, it takes 24 hours. Exactly 24 hours. (It’s a lot like the Christmas Bird Counts, for those of you who have done those.) Anybody can do a bioblitz – I’m planning one next January at my church, and there’s one (usually… long story) every year that’s run by UConn. Bioblitzes are great for biologists and help involve the public in science, and as if it’s not enough, quite a few new species have been described with the help of bioblitzers.

What’s the story behind the BioBlitz? It started with the Naional Park Service, but perhaps the best known bioblitzes these days come from the National Geographic BioBlitz program.  But what excites me the most, and what makes this an epic conclusion to the Social Media series is this, courtesy of Wikipedia:

A variation on the BioBlitz, the Blogger Blitz began in 2007. Rather than gather volunteers and scientists at one location, participant blogs pledged to conduct individual surveys of biodiveristy. These results were the compiled and mapped. The purpose of this blitz is not to survey down to species level across all taxonomic groups, but rather to raise awareness about biodiversity and provide a general snapshot of diversity.

 In 2008, a similar Blogger blitz happened, but was not as well publicized – and since then I haven’t found any records of one happening. So I challenge you, Action For Nature Blog readers, to make this the year of the BloggerBlitz. Even just a couple of friends from different towns across one state can start a great BloggerBlitz. And you know that when my church has *our* BioBlitz… well, I’m bringing my computer with me. For all 24 hours. Who knows, you may see me on Twitter… keep your ears open.

BioBlitz, here I come.

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