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Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua J. Marine.

Species of marine mammals are endangered and could potentially become extinct if we, as a society, don’t make important changes. Sonar 2 Voice (S2V) is a cause founded to save the marine life in our oceans. S2V is a Non-Profit organization led by the Green Club from Christ the King Catholic Secondary School (CTK) Georgetown, Ontario. SV2 works to raise awareness for the marine life that is treated poorly in some habitats of the oceans such as dolphins, seals and sharks. One of the most important actions to take is to get the word out to create awareness about this cause –

When I first arrived at CTK and heard about the Green Club taking initiative to save marine mammals that thrive in the international oceans, I wanted to help restore peace to these creatures of the sea. Upon joining the group, I learned that the goal is to work for 3 years to raise enough awareness so that others will commit to taking the lead to continue this important work. My interest came from being inspired by a documentary about marine life, in which three students in the class approached the teacher to find out how they could help endangered marine life…and that is how Sonar 2 Voice was born.

This year, S2V hosted a series of concerts which created a great benefit! Though I was not able to attend the primary concerts, I got a great feel for them when I got to attend the final one and participate in the vigorous planning and setup of Green Club’s effort. Of course, this would not have happened without dedicated teachers. A big thank you goes to both of the Green Club supervisors and to the school for supporting us throughout the whole concert. This year’s focus was on Sharks and our Green Team was astounded with the number of people that attended, the quality of the bands that performed, and equally amazing guest speaker named Rob Stewart!
If you don’t already know, Rob Stewart is an award-winning conservationist, biologist, filmmaker and photographer, but is best known for his multi-award-winning movie Sharkwater. This important movie brought world wide attention to the need to save the lives of these creatures who are slaughtered because of the value of their fins. Rob Stewart came from Toronto, Ontario to Georgetown, Ontario, volunteering his own time to spread the word to high school students. He taught us that evolution depends on the existence of sharks because they are one of the few species that have survived over five major extinctions. Because of the commitment shown by students to this issue, Rob decided to show us the new trailer of his movie that no one in the whole entire world had seen before! He also let us know that he enjoyed the music at the benefit concert.

In conclusion, CTK hosted a great event that pleased everyone which, in the end, was worth all the hard work that the Green Club, its supporters and supervisors had put into it. Please be sure to visit Rob Stewart’s website to get more info on his journey to Save the Sharks and to go FIN FREE!



By Harnoor Gill, Volunteer Youth Blogger

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