The Fort Worth Zoo’s MOLA and Conservation

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I went to the Fort Worth Zoo recently and talked with Joey the zookeeper in the Museum of Living Art (MOLA). The Fort Worth Zoo describes the MOLA as “spacious, humidity-controlled exhibits and state-of-the-art conservation tools, such as quarantine rooms and hibernaculuma that facilitate the breeding of rare, endangered and critically endangered animals. In response to the recent global amphibian crisis (32 percent of the world’s amphibians are facing extinction in the next five to 10 years), the Fort Worth Zoo prioritized housing, research and breeding amphibians in a building 

specifically designed to meet the animals’ needs. Some biologists liken the global amphibian crisis to the mass extinction of the dinosaur,” (

Joey the MOLA zookeeper mostly works with the saltwater crocodiles and his favorite — the komodo dragons. On this day, he had a Honduran milk snake that he told me about. This species of snake got its name because they are usually found in barns with cattle, so farmers thought they were after the cow’s milk. Joey said that milk snakes don’t really lik
e milk at all. Instead the snakes like barns because they are warm, provide ample nooks to hide in, and attract many mice — a milk snake’s favorite food.

I asked Joey about this big TV that is in the MOLA exhibit. He told me that in the hibernaculuma (nursery) there are little roving cameras placed in the lab where the incubators are, so that the visitors can see what is happening with the animals in real time.

I got this information straight off the Fort Worth Zoo website about the MOLA. If you have not visited it yet, you should. Everything about the MOLA is about conservation. The MOLA building is made from recycled materials, uses a lot of natural sunlight and recycles all the water it uses for the different aquariums. It’s one of my favorite spots at the Fort Worth Zoo and it’s really great what thy are doing to help protect and save a lot of different reptiles and amphibians.

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