The Grand Canyon

Nov 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Easily the world’s most famous canyon, the Grand Canyon is a mere four hour drive from Phoenix. So, a few weekends ago, we drove up. Unlike times before, we stayed in the park itself, in the Maswik Lodge. This enabled us to experience sunrise at the canyon. At 4 AM, we walked down to the bus stop and rode until Hopi Point. There, in the chilly air, lacking appropriate clothing, we stood for a half an hour, waiting for the sun to rise. The sight was quite lovely. It was as though I was on the shores of a magnificent ocean, watching sunrise. After sunrise, we hiked around four miles on the rim trail.  We saw innumerable wildlife such as deer, and elk, and got to see some rarer views of the canyon. We skipped out on the all-too-typical bus tours and took a self-tour. We dropped by the IMAX film, “Over the rim and beyond” which gave an incredible view into the history of the white man in the canyon, especially focusing on John Wesley Powell. After visiting the visitor center and attending a ranger program on the geology of the canyon, we went to Desert View. There, a tower stands, providing dazzling views of the canyon. We left the canyon in the afternoon, with the windows open, taking in the 70 degree weather. A beautiful national park in an excellent location, the Grand Canyon really cannot get much better.

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