The Life of The Plastic Savage by Brianna Moore

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I was born on December 31, 2010, made of virgin plastic, and I will become either a water drinking bottle or a soda pop bottle.  As I leave the factory, I can’t help but to wonder how long my journey will be before I end up in that paradise called the landfill.  I am in a hurry, I know you will help me get there, because you don’t understand the harm I can cause.  I live to be thrown in the trash, however the riverbank is a better home for me.  Although I am small, I have the ability to kill and destroy.  Fish and birds are attracted to me and once I get my plastic grip on them, they are unable to get away.  Once they are in my power their lives will end suddenly, but I will live on forever.  Thanks to you I have the power to kill and destroy, and then I end up in the greatest destination ever, landfills.

bird with plastic

It is now January, 30 2011, I have been through three states before landing on the riverbank of Detroit.  Detroit has lots of fish and fowls that love to try and eat me.  They find me attractive until they realize, I am a killer. Uh, Oh!, it is too late, I have you and now you must die, thanks to those who will not reduce, reuse and recycle.  Lack of understanding once again has killed several fish and birds and I have another victim to add to my list.  I will keep this up for years, since it takes me 1000 years to die.

Now, thanks to the rivers current, I am moving further downstream to find some unsuspecting victim.  I have landed on Grosse Ile; the waters are beautiful.  The fish are biting and birds are singing.  I lie and wait for my next victim.  Here it comes: a silver bass, just right for the picking.  I don’t even have to reach out and snatch, he is coming to me.  Wow!, he grabs me and now he belongs to me.   He struggles to get a lose, but he is unable to break my grip.  Slowly the life is choked from the innocent little fish and now I am free to search for my next victim.  Unaware that a pretty little baby Blue Jay has noticed my plastic beauty, I sit and wait.   Once again, another victim has met his demise, death comes quick for those who choose to tangle with the Plastic Savage.  Now I am ready to capture my next victim, but I see someone coming up the riverbank, cleaning up the debris, cigarette butts and plastic bottles.

bird in waterOh my God!, here comes that do-good, good Samaritan, named Brianna Moore.  She is really trying to make a name for herself.  I will just lie here and maybe she will not see me.  She has her gloves and garbage bags, picking up debris along the riverbanks.  Then she even has the nerve to be checking the trash receptacles.  Go away busy body!  I like being here destroying the environment and throwing the ecosystem off balance.  Stop!  You will get others involved and my family will start to die off and we will not have a chance of multiplying. Unfortunately, I am picked up and taken away. My life is about to come to end, I am on my way somewhere, but I do not know where.

I just arrived at a local recycling center and my life is minutes from being destroyed.  I am separated from other plastics and placed on conveyor belt.  As I ride on the belt, I can feel the heat from the big machine that will end my life.  Approaching the mouth of death, I know I will never get another chance to choke the life out of another fish or bird.  Someone finally had the nerve to clean up the riverbanks and I no longer will have a life.  The life of fish and birds on the Detroit Riverbank are being protected and cleaned up by that little girl, named Brianna Moore.  She is out there educating others about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

plastic blue bottles

So, as I prepare to say good-bye, I must also wish Brianna well.  You see, there are more of me than there is of her.  Although my death is near, there are others being created that will take my place.  Unless you are willing to ban with Brianna, my family will never be defeated because of those who do not believe in recycling.  Now, I will say so long, I have been defeated and destroyed by the Green Lifesavers Foundation in Detroit.  May I rest in peace. Born 12/31/2010 – Died 06/01/2011.

By  Brianna L. Moore, Volunteer Youth Blogger


Green Lifesavers Foundation, Detroit
Written: June 15, 2011

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