The Park Spark!

Oct 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

The big environmental thing is a street lamp made to run on dog poop.

The designer is named Mathew Mazzota and he’s working on the lamp as part of the Park Spark Project ( and on Facebook at

The lamp is installed in a dog park in Cambridge, Massachusetts and it works like this:

The owner of a dog takes the dog’s poop, puts it in a biodegradable bag, places the bag into the lamp’s receiver, and then cranks the handle.  Then the lamp takes the methane gases and uses them to run itself.

The Park Spark Project is trying to spread it to other cities, too. Even though right now the generator will not run a whole block of lamps, I think it is a very good idea.  And think of the money it’s saving on electricity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this isn’t the only project they’re running.

In the Netherlands, they are using a project called “A Teahouse without Tea”. It looks like a bale of hay, but it unfolds and becomes eight chairs and a tea burner. And the burner is run by the most abundant thing there … cow poop. The people have to find the leaves for the tea; but they know, with local knowledge, where the plants are that you can use in teas.

There are lots of other cool projects all over the world using these same ideas.

My family spent one very gross dinner thinking of all the ways we could use it to power our house!

I hope that if you’re reading this you want to do something big like this some day!

And now… tip of the day!

Today’s tip is:  When you throw a soda bottle in the garbage, it won’t go back to the earth for 400-1,000 years!!!!!  Think about all the bottles we’ve thrown in the garbage already.  Ugh!

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