The Problem with Invasive Plants

Oct 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Youth Blog

Did you know invasive, non-native plants can harm the environment?   These types of plants are brought in from other habitats or areas.  They often grow quickly and displace local plant species.

One example of an invasive plant growing in my community is Dalmatian Toadflax.  It is originally from the Alps and was brought in and planted to prevent erosion in a Wilderness Park near my home.  The only problem is Dalmatian Toadflax is toxic to local wildlife.  Because of this, animals avoid eating it.  As a result, Dalmatian Toadflax has had the opportunity to outgrow and overtake many areas where native plants had previously thrived.

One of the best ways to get rid of Dalmatian Toadflax is to remove it by hand.  The best time of year to do this is late spring or early summer, before the yellow flowers have gone to seed.  If Dalmatian Toadflax is invasive to your community, be sure to remove the entire root or it will grow back.  Also, use a sturdy garbage bag to dispose of the plant, so the seeds don’t scatter.

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