The Shout-Out Returns: Shower Timers

Apr 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Uncategorized

So I feel obliged to pay tribute to yet another organization Doing the Green Work (hey, did I just coin that? If so, I call dibs on that phrase) – the Honors Council Environmental Committee (HCEC) at the University of Connecticut. Again, this all started with an idea, but more specifically it was about a problem on campus….

We all enjoy taking long showers.

The average college student’s shower is, if what I’ve heard tossed around is accurate, about 20 minutes long. This, obviously, is a lot of water! So if the NY Times is willing to run a story called “How Green Is the College? Time the Showers”, you can bet this means colleges which haven’t thought about shower timers really should. Hence the solution posed by one of our committee members – why not get shower timers? Little hourglass-shaped (or, in our case, water-drop shaped… clever!) timers to let people know when 5 minutes are up, since 5-10 minutes is a decent shower if you want to be environmentally savvy.

So a shout out to the HCEC! As always, keep Doing the Green Work. (And yes, I’m willing to say “always” even though it’s the second time I’ve used that phrase.)

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