The Windy Battle

Sep 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Environmental News, Youth Blog

Recently, I have been studying the windmills that make alternative energy.  I am learning that even though this is an amazing invention that helps reduce energy costs, it also has a downside.  It turns out that windmills pose a threat to birds, bats and insects.

Insects are attracted to white, which is the usual color of windmills.  Birds and bats are attracted to the insects.  The bird’s problem is they do not see the blades on the wind mills, and get hit by them when they are trying to catch their meal.  Bats have a different problem.  They do see the blades and go right between them.  Unfortunately, the sudden change in air-pressure makes their lungs and/or intestines explode.

My favorite color is purple, but it turns out most insects don’t like it at all. I found this one recent study that showed if you paint the wind mills purple, they will attract fewer insects than if left white.  I personally think that they should put screening around the blades, and paint them purple.  That way, if anything is attracted to purple, then hopefully it won’t get through the screen!

So, I still need to learn a bunch more about windmills, but I like what I have found so far.  I hope more wind-farms paint their wind mills purple, as it would really be pretty and save animals.  If you want to learn more about the experiment with the colors with windmills please visit

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