Using Technology to Create Change

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Speaking persuasively creates change and inspires action. McKenzy Haber, 2011 Eco-Hero Award runner-up, is an informed and confident public speaker who, during WILD9 (9th World Wilderness Congress) in Merida, Mexico, called for youth empowerment in wilderness conservation leadership. After this success abroad, he returned to Alaska and spread these ideas by pioneering & hosting TEDxYouth@Homer events. In 2010 he won Ashoka’s Technology 4 a Better World national competition and a Jefferson Award.
While fly fishing in wild Alaska, McKenzy first felt nature’s beauty and saw the value of the precautionary principle. This changemaker continues to find platforms to amplify teens’ voices on behalf of the environment. He asks plainly, “If not me, who? If not now, when? Excuse me, we have some things to do!”

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  1. Here’s what’s next for me: TEDxYouth@Homer2012:Let’sPlay! What’s your game? Tune in online Thursday, July 26-the day before the Olympics begins!

    Thanks, Action for Nature.

  2. Kat Haber says:

    It’s so exciting to see Action for Nature support emerging eco leaders. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Livestream, Flickr, Storify are some of the tools McKenzy is using to encourage young people and conservationists to share their ideas with the Technology, Entertainment, and Education independently organized event in Homer, Alaska. McKenzy is actually out there fly fishing, hiking, and biking through nature as often as he can. He is largely who he is because of the millions of moments he soaks in while playing in nature. His love for the wild leads him to speak up for those who can not be heard by decision makers. He invites young eco leaders to also be delegates at WILD10 in the fall of 2013 in Salamanca, Spain. Define your part in Nature Needs Half.

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