Young Kenyan Environmentalist Honoured

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Photo- Abdikadir recieving the award from one of the organizers [EDIT]Photo- Abdikadir (centre) with Kenyan Wildlife Service Staff Madam Mary (left) and Madam Christine (right) who joined him for the awarding ceremony [EDIT]From upper left:
Photo- Abdikadir with other young environmentalist who joined him for the celebrations [EDIT]

Photo- Abdikadir displaying the trophy he has won [EDIT]


1. Abdikadir receiving the African Young Achiever Award from one of the organizers.


2. Abdikadir (centre) with Kenyan Wildlife Service Staff Madam Mary (left) and Madam Christine (right), who joined him for the Awards ceremony.


3. Abdikadir (right) with other young environmentalists who joined him for the celebration.


4. Abdikadir holding his African Young Achiever Award.

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Young Kenyan Environmentalist Abdikadir Aden Hassan was awarded the African Young Achiever Award by the African Achievers Awards for the year 2013. The colourful event is celebrated each year to recognize and honour Africans who through different activities in their daily lives, contribute to the development of Africa.

Abdikadir Aden Hassan; the young man from Garissa County in the North Eastern Province of Kenya was honoured for his contributions to the protection of Mother Nature. Speaking during the ceremony, Abdikadir appreciated his recognition as a Young Kenyan and also an African son. “They say the future is Africa but I say the future of Africa is in the hands of the young people,” Abdikadir said.

The African Achievers Awards is an annual event aimed at recognizing individuals and groups that have distinguished themselves in their area of expertise to building a greater Africa. The work being celebrated cuts across different spheres of life and inspires and motivates future generations.

The young Kenyan has been on the frontline in addressing environmental issues in his community while giving back to the society and to the people of Kenya. Abdikadir is from the youth age bracket and is affected by many issues including social, economic and political concerns. He feels that instead of young people just partying at a young age, they should give back to the community and become youth leaders who will bring change to their society.

“The climatic conditions in the region I come from are not pleasing. Yet we need clean air and to participate in carbon trading in the years to come. The members of the community need to be well informed and live a green lifestyle,” says Abdikadir.

The African Young Achiever Award marks his third award recognizing his tireless efforts and the passion he has for the environment and giving back to society. At the age of 22, he was recognized by East Africa Community Service. Abdikadir was also awarded the Youth Volunteer of the Year Award in 2010 for having sacrificed his time and resources for community service by Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) and the Ufadhili Trust, Nairobi.

Some of the activities that led the young Kenyan to the red carpet include his environmental protection and conservation, environmental education, solid waste management, participation in “Clean up the World” weeks and the greening of learning institutions, tree-planting in the community, engaging in inspiration talks, promotion of a green economy and agroforestry in learning institutions, and the rehabilitation of dumpsites in the community.

“I am proud to be a Kenyan youth. The young people have a lot of potential and they need to use that potential to exact change in the different societies where they live,” Abdikadir adds.

Several individuals and organizations were awarded in categories representing their different activities and support to African nations. The event took place at the Hilton Hotel on the 23rd day of February, 2013 at a cocktail gala ceremony attended by different dignitaries.



By Abdikadir Aden, Volunteer Guest Blogger

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2 Comments to “Young Kenyan Environmentalist Honoured”

  1. Linus WAfula says:

    Congratulation my brother Abdikadir!
    You have inspired young people from Africa, especially from Kenya to make a difference local while focusing local. I would also like to thank Action For Nature for the coverage. I am on of the beneficiary from Action For Nature. I am 2008 Award winner (International Young Eco-Hero ) from Action For Nature.

  2. Brianna says:

    I applaud you and want to congratulate you for the efforts you offer. More young men and women are getting involved and I can see the forest. I also enjoy protecting the environment where I live. In my community there we have a problem with polluters. I have made an assertive effort to clean at least once or twice per week. I have removed nearly 3000 plastic bottles as well as cigarette butts and other debris from the riverbanks in my community. It is my mission to continue this as long as I can. So keep up the good work, it will pay off in the future for you and I.

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